Hope for Humanity

Here’s what you can do...

Most of us can’t make large donations to charitable organizations, even if we believe passionately in their efforts. But if everyone in a group makes a contribution, it all adds up to something big. After you watch the Women of Hope video, chances are you will be inspired to ask, “What can I do?”

It’s easy. Invite some of your friends to your home — like you would for a scrapbooking or Tupperware party — to watch the Women of Hope video. It’s a chance to spend time with your friends, but with purpose. Think of the video as a beginning, as the inspiration for a discussion about how you and your friends can empower other women through literacy.

Guided by the mission of Hope for Humanity and the belief that knowing how to read and write not only can but will change the lives of women and children, there’s no limit to what a group of women can accomplish.

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