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Therapeutic Play Program for Toddlers and Children

The Therapeutic Play Program is for children aged 5 to 10. The purpose of the program is to provide children a safe environment to process their thoughts and emotions about the earthquake, and to build positive attitudes about the future.

The program will include an appropriate balance between play and learning. Program leaders will also be taught how to recognize children with special needs and how to get them additional help as needed.

Part of the daily program will include a hot lunch for the children and program staff. Those leading out in the program will receive a stipend of $5 to $10 per six-hour day, depending on responsibility and experience.

The program will be conducted three days during the week for three hours each day, with a special program on Sabbath. Curriculum and program materials will be developed by Behavioral Medicine physicians and experts from Loma Linda University and Adventist HealthCare, in collaboration with the Haitian Women’s Ministries and Children’s Ministries departments.