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A Resilient People Look to Rebuild their Shattered Communities

The people of Haiti are resourceful and resilient, but the sheer magnitude of the catastrophe they are facing together is unprecedented. Surrounded by death and destruction, it is so easy for their hearts to be flooded with fear, anger, disillusionment, hopelessness, and despair.

There are hundreds of churches throughout Haiti whose members are also coping with the results of the disaster, but who seek to be the means through which God brings healing to their communities. While they must deal with their own losses, they are also reaching out to serve their communities, providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support in an environment of unprecedented need. Many churches have already opened their doors and their hearts to their members and to the broader community. The Hope for Humanity project provides the resources for them to further serve their community (including their own members) by providing psychological first aid and intentionally designed therapeutic activities for children and adolescents.

If they are going to be able to cope with the difficulties of life during this initial emergency relief phase, and especially if they are going to be able to begin to move forward into a more developmental phase where they can begin rebuilding their lives, they will need help in processing their emotions and building hopefulness.