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Peer-to-Peer Therapeutic Counseling

The Peer-to Peer Therapeutic Counseling Program will provide psychological first aid to the local community and to church members. In the initial project, an average of five laypersons from each of selected church congregations will be trained in crisis counseling. Following their training they will be mentored and supervised by a small group of professional crisis counselors.

Their primary task will be to seek out those in their community who most need their help and engage them in seminar-like discussions held in local churches. They will be trained to recognize those who may need professional help, and a system for referrals will endeavor to get people the psychological help that they need. The lay counselors will work six hours a day, five days a week, and will receive a $5 per day stipend.

The project provides help for those most vulnerable in the community, particularly children. Through training and supervised experience, it will build a lasting capacity in our church congregations and among our members for service and ministry. It utilizes the existing infrastructure of the local church for the aid of the community. And it provides an appropriate opportunity for church congregations and members in North America to work as partners with our brothers and sisters in Haiti by supporting their efforts