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Adolescent Therapeutic Activities Engage Adolescents

The Adolescent Therapeutic Program will engage adolescents and young teens aged 11-15 in service, learning, and play activities that channel their energies to bring about a positive impact on the community. Service and play activities will include such activities as community and church clean up, assisting with therapeutic play groups for younger children, helping to cook meals, learning activities, and play outlets such as soccer tournaments.

Experts in Adolescent Behavorial Health will work with local Haitian leaders to develop the program activities. Local project leaders will work with the participating churches to help strengthen their existing organizations and expand them to more fully serve the entire community.

Each congregation will determine the number of days per week and duration of each daily program, based on their local setting and needs. Those involved in the program as leaders will receive $5 to $10 per six-hour day, depending on their responsibilities and level of expertise. The project budget will provide service equipment (such as wheelbarrows, shovels, etc.), play equipment (such as soccer balls), and all training and supervisory costs.