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The Light in Their Eyes: The Learning Circles of El Salvador
Join in this visit to the literacy programs located in some of the poorest communities in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. These “learning circles” are the result of a partnership between the Adventist Church in El Salvador, our Adventist churches here in North America, the InterAmerican Division, and Hope for Humanity.

Watch these videos to learn more about Hope for Humanity's literacy programs around the world:

India: A World of Difference
Throughout India, literacy projects conducted by Adventist women are having a transformational impact among women from impoverished families in poor communities. Women's Ministries and Hope for Humanity are partners in this effective outreach ministry.

Nicaragua: Women of Hope
The story follows the experience of twelve North American women as they visit literacy projects in Nicaragua. The unbroken chain of ministry and support that connects women in North America to women in ministry in Nicaragua is documented in this special report produced entirely by Adventist women producers and writers.

Honduras: The Hands of Christ
In the cities as well as the small villages of Honduras, members of the Adventist Church take the compassionate love of Christ to the "least of these" and make a lasting difference in their lives: they teach them to read and write. Jesus was a teacher, and it is easy to see the Spirit of God working through these teachers in Honduras, opening a new world of understanding to their students.

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